Emotional Intelligence & Your Child

Developing our child's emotional intelligence is every parent's dream...but some things are easier said than done! 

Imagine knowing how to help them identify and express their emotions safely and appropriately...not just through yelling and throwing a tantrum.

Imagine knowing what to do when you are triggered by what your kid is doing...hint: it's usually is our own anger/frustration at feeling like we are failing, like no one listens to us, and needing our own healing outlets for our own emotions.

The Emotional Intelligence & Your Child Workshop will teach you all this plus provide you more confidence with an action plan to develop emotional intelligence in your home. 

What will be covered?

-How to develop your child's and your emotional intelligence together
-Understanding your child's brain development
-The 7 Tools of Emotional Intelligence

You will walk away with a clear plan on how to build your child's emotional intelligence through practical strategies the whole family can use. 

Every participant will receive a workbook and resources to take home with them, and tea, water and snacks will be provided during the event.

Have questions? Contact Katie at info@katierossler.com

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