Soul Spa Sessions

On the outside it may look like you have it all together, but on the inside you feel something's off...and it's been off for a while if you are honest with yourself. The Soul Spa Sessions are exactly what you need to get clear on what exactly is making you feel a sense of disconnect and how to find yourself again.

The Soul Spa Sessions are 3 90 minute sessions that are like a deep tissue massage for your soul. We reconnect your logical side of what is going on with the deeper emotions that need a voice too.

The sessions include:

  • identifying issues from your past or pain points that are coming to the surface impacting how you feel each day
  • recognizing false beliefs keeping you stuck in unhealthy habits and thought processes and rewrite them (yep, we can totally do this!)
  • creating boundaries, goals, and a plan for moving forward in life the way you desire.


***Here's what past clients have to say about sessions with Katie:

"Working with Katie has been one of the best things I have done for myself and my emotional and spiritual growth. She has empathic yet honest approach and a true gift at seeing the connection between various aspects of your life. I always felt heard, supported, and accepted, no matter what “junk” I brought to the table. I am beyond grateful for Katie and how much she has helped and challenged me to step into my true self." -Rebekah

"Working with Katie is like having someone show you a map of your soul. She read my Human Design chart and guided me on how to reach my fullest potential. She helps me in my personal business life by giving me tailor-made tips according to my design and encouraging me to share my gifts with the world. It also validates my assumptions about myself. More importantly, it allows me to be unapologetically me. Thank you for making me feel seen and being my cheerleader! 
- Louise

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email Katie at

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