Unlock Your Next Level Self

You want to create amazing impact in your clients lives on a deeper level but in order to do that you need to unlock your next level of who you truly are.

Let's take the guess work out of knowing if you're on the right path.

You keep getting these intuitive nudges and reminding yourself to trust your inner voice, but you find yourself constantly second guessing yourself...especially when comparing what you are doing to others in the online world! (Thanks social media!)

The Unlock Your Next Level Self Human Design report reaffirms what you are after, which is to step fully into who you are.

It takes the guess work out of the equation and strengthens your confidence in trusting what you know to be true about yourself and your work. It removes, what I like to call, the "monkey brain" from spinning out and leading you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and not enough.

In order to unlock your next level self, we need to dive into your Human Design chart...BUT it can be a lot to go through all at once.

Let Katie look over your chart and pull out key important details for your business and money, productivity, and personal healing so you can make 2023 a year like no other.

Let Katie bring to light your super powers that you may have once thought were parts of your personality holding you back. Yep, that's right...what you thought was a weakness could end up being one of your greatest strengths!

Each report is a personalized love letter to you with videos explaining how to use your super powers this coming year with purpose.

Katie will focus on three areas to answer questions like:

Business & Money
Should I create a business plan and if so what type? Should I set financial goals that are clear and detailed or does that not actually work for me? How should I market in an online world that is SO noisy?

What type of working style works best for me? How can I manage my energy better without burning out? What helps me be the most productive?

What emotional and mental blocks keep getting in my way and how can I heal them? How can I more effectively work on my healing journey while building my business? What triggers are stopping me from my next level self that I can work on healing this year?

Plus, I'll answer one question you have about anything related business, relationships, healing, or your life's purpose.

Sign up and within five business days you'll receive your personalized Unlock Your Next Level Self Human Design Report for 2023!

But first....who is Katie?

My name is Katie Rössler. Yep, that's a German last name, but I don't have an accent. I married a guy with one! We have three girls and live in Germany where this beach lover has felt quite landlocked for the last 6 years!

As a licensed therapist, transformative grief guide, and author, I bring to my Human Design readings 15 years of experience helping people to heal and improve their lives. My work has transitioned to supporting coaches, healers, and clinicians in strengthening their skill set to create a greater transformation in their clients' lives and in the world. Legacy is also a super important topic to me, and after losing my mom in 2018, I realized that we build our legacy now while we are here.

As a 3/5 Sacral, Pure Manifesting Generator, I am all about trial and error till I have mastered a unique way of doing what excites me in life. This leads to a lot of bumps along the road and frustrations, BUT as soon as I remember to trust my sacral and intuitive authorities again, things move smoothly.

I am also really fast at getting things done and have had to learn how to manage my energy more purposefully so that I can give without burning out. It's cool being called "Wonder Woman" by friends and colleagues, but this people pleaser, gold star woman has learned how to step back, create boundaries, and focus my intentions on what really matters to me.

My conscious sun gate is gate 62, which is the gate of details and the great translator. My purpose is to take complicated material and make it super easy to understand to others. AND I love doing it! It lights me up! This is why I love reading people's charts that look overwhelming and explain them in a way that it all makes sense.

Ok, enough about me....

I can't wait to look at your chart and use my superpowers to uncover yours! I know you'll find your Unlock Your Next Level Self HD Report to be an amazing resource for 2023!

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