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My name is Katie Rössler, and I am The Transformative Grief Guide. My background as a counselor in combination with my work in Human Design, spirituality and the mind-body connection has led to the unique work that I do now.

As a wife and mom to three young kids, I know how important it is to find tools that you can start using immediately and don't take forever to learn. All of my resources and courses keep this in mind. To be honest, they were all created from my own personal healing journey so I can easily stand by everything I share with you on this page.

If you would like to purchase my book The New Face of Grief, you can go to www.thenewfaceofgrief.com to learn more.

I hope I can support you on your grief healing journey,

Katie Rössler, LPC

Available Resources

Your Grief Healing Blueprint

Discover how you were divinely created to heal from emotional and mental baggage in your life, also known as hidden grief.

***MAY BONUS: Purchase a reading and get a written guided meditation to activate your healing through your unique energy centers.***

Healing Hidden Grief Workshop Series

A 5 part pre-recorded workshop series to help you heal the hidden grief in your life. 

Breaking Free from the Cluttered Life

Break free from your clutter and live your life to the fullest! Create more space, physically, mentally, and emotionally with this course.


Talking To Your Kids About Grief

Grief is a difficult subject, but it's part of life. Use this eBook and support videos to know how to talk to your kids about different types of grief no matter what age they are.

My Resources Available Resources
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