Welcome to uncovering your next level self!

My name is Katie Rössler. I am a transformative grief guide, licensed therapist, author and creator of the Next Level Certification & Mentorship program.

Building your business IS important, but my focus is on making sure your skill set is ready for the business you are creating. I support you in learning tools that give you confidence to deliver transformative sessions to your clients leading to the type of testimonials that keep your email inbox full of requests to work with you!

My work has been described as a spa day for your soul, so you will find that each offering supports that inner work we need to do to feel renewed and empowered in what we do.

Whether you are looking for:

  • your own healing support
  • mentorship
  • deeper training to improve your skill set

you will find my work can support you so that you can step fully into your next level self.

Take a moment to review what I have to offer at this time, and feel free to contact me at info@katierossler.com for an Alignment Call to see what would be the best fit for you at this time.

Big hugs!
-Katie Rössler, LPC

Available Resources

Mini Soul Spa Session

90 minute session cleaning house on an area you are stuck in your life. We will figure out where it comes from, why it's keeping you stuck, the belief systems around it that need to be shifted and how to move forward with a new mindset and belief system.

3 Hour Soul Spa Session

3 hour session like a deep tissue massage for your soul. Remove mental and energetic blocks and know how to hold your energy throughout your sale or launch process and as you embody your next level in your business.

Unlock Your Next Level Self

Take the guess work out of what steps you need to take to unlock your next level self!

Get a Human Design Report focused on three core areas for 2023:

  1. Your Business and Money Mindset
  2. Your Productivity
  3. Your Healing

PLUS a bonus question you get to ask about ANYTHING you want!

This specialized report with personalized videos will help you tailor your year with greater clarity and confidence so you feel empowered in your business and healing journey in 2023.

Human Design Intro Reading

Learn about your Human Design Type, Authority and Strategy understanding who you are on a soul level and how to trust yourself more while releasing how others have told you to live your life.

Healing Hidden Grief Workshop Series

A 5 part pre-recorded workshop series to help you heal the hidden grief in your life. 

The Next Level Certification & Mentorship Program - Level 1 Begins February 1st

Join the 3 month certification program for those who are ready to help their clients transform their pain into empowerment through The Next Level Certification Program.

Begins February 1st

My Resources Available Resources
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