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I am so glad you are here! My name is Katie Rössler, and I am a licensed counselor and grief healer with over 12 years experience helping individuals, couples and families live happier more balanced lives.

As a wife and mom to three young kids, I know how important it is to find tools that you can start using immediately and don't take forever to learn. All of my resources and courses keep this in mind.

Below you will find courses, workbooks, and eBooks that educate you on what I have been teaching in my therapy office, as well as using in my personal life, on a regular basis.

Save time and energy by using these resources to create the life and relationships you want for you and your family.

Available Resources

Transformative Grief & Restorative Healing 90 Minute Session

Register for a 90 minute session with Katie to identify and heal hidden grief in your life.

Human Design Chart Reading

Want to explore your personal Human Design chart? Register for a chart reading and you can choose to tailor it for entrepreneurs, grief, just a general reading, or all three!

Insight into Your Personalities

Learn about how your personality types may be the cause of many of your disagreements and struggles in communicating. Get tools to improve your connection and how you understand each others needs.

Talking To Your Kids About Grief

Grief is a difficult subject, but it's part of life. Use this eBook and support videos to know how to talk to your kids about different types of grief no matter what age they are.

Breaking Free from the Cluttered Life

Break free from your clutter and live your life to the fullest! Create more space, physically, mentally, and emotionally with this course.


The Successful Family Meeting Guide

Ready to start having family meetings but unsure where to begin?

Let the Successful Family Meeting Guide give you the tools to begin using these meetings in your home so everyone is on the same page.

Healthy Arguing

Most times we get into a cycle with our partner, a series of bad habits, when we argue that break down the foundation of our relationship. In this course, you will learn powerful tools to improve how you and your partner communicate, especially when disagreeing.

Your Relationship Goals Workbook

This free 12 page workbook is a favorite every year! Make sure to grab it today.

The Chief Household Officer Free Mini-Course

Learn the mindset shift and easy to use tools to start being more productive in taking care of your home.

From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer® Program

The From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer® program is your one stop shop for learning all the tools to improving how you lead and manage your home. 

The Thrive @ Home Toolkit

This toolkit is full of ways to help you be successful as you navigate staying at home with your kids. We don't want to just "survive." We want to THRIVE!

How to Kid Proof Your Marriage

We don't plan to have kids and then our relationship get hit by a cannon ball...but often it happens. This course will get you two back on track to being connected WITH kids around.

The Working Mother Initiative

Your all-in-one course to create a work/life balance that you can enjoy!

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