Transformative Grief & Restorative Healing 90 Minute Session

Transformative Grief & Restorative Healing 90 Minute Session

Now is a powerful time to heal hidden grief in your life. Finally, feel a release of the weight of the baggage in your life so you can:

  • be more connected in your relationships
  • be present and enjoy the moment
  • feel lighter and more relaxed
  • be more creative and productive

The session includes:

  • identifying the hidden grief impacting your relationships, work and ability to be present in life
  • a guided meditation specifically crafted for you and recorded so you can listen to it again and again
  • tools to use outside of the session to continue your grief healing journey


***Here's what past students have to say about Katie's grief healing:

"What I loved about working with Katie is she created a safe space for me to start processing my grief. 90 mins went fast! But at the end I felt like I had practical tools to take with me. The session was very helpful, I had felt stuck in my grief and really had no idea what to do or how to start processing things. I feel positive after our session, I have a guide to respond to my grief instead of being stuck." -Helen

"I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with my own grief for about 15 years when I joined Katie’s Grief Healing Session. I never had the right tools, or words to deal with it. The last few months I’ve gone through a journey and Katie’s session was the one missing piece of the puzzle that I needed to experience. 

The guided meditation was peaceful, honest and emotional.  Katie’s method of locating, talking to my grief and understanding it made me realise that it isn’t all bad. I was dealing with my grief the wrong way, built up anger, frustration and lots of sadness that at times seemed never ending.

It has been few weeks since my first session. I got to know my grief at a deep level, why it’s here and what’s teaching me.  I can confidently say that I feel lighter. In my heart and in my mind. More importantly, Katie made me realise that my grief isn’t a rock weighing me down, instead it’s a stepping stone to start the next chapter in my life. ” -Laura

"I found Katie during a dark moment (dark year!) in my life. Struggling to keep my head above water, sad, and feeling lost, she has become a true beacon of light shining out of the gloom. Somewhere along the line I was taught that asking for help is taboo, that I should be able to figure things out on my own- after all, isn't that the model of the independent, strong, modern day woman? I've learned that the true strength comes in reaching out when I feel the burden becoming too much. Meditation, a practice new to me, is one of the many tools Katie has provided to help me work through my grief. During our first guided meditation together- goodness me! The second I closed my eyes the floodgates released. Emotion flowed that I was ignorant of harboring. I still remain a bit in awe- during each meditation with Katie (and, now, independently) I feel as though I am just getting to know- and love- myself. The most valuable gifts our sessions have given me are the coping mechanisms to help myself." -Carrie

"She has opened my world to experience healing in so many various forms. This work is not easy, but it is necessary and I am certainly happy and relieved to have Katie as the person to guide me along the way. Although digging into my anger and grief is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, I feel more at peace each day knowing that I have made a little progress and that I am working harder and harder to stop the "waterfall trickle" of anger, depression and grief from attacking my own children. Thank you Katie!!  -Julia

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email Katie at

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