Human Design Advanced Reading

Time and time again after a reading a clients says: "Katie, you just normalized so much about me that I thought was wrong with me. I just didn't know how to embrace it as a strength until our reading."

If you find you are spinning your wheels and not enjoying life OR you want more insight into living more authentically (including in business or parenting), then a Human Design reading is perfect for you.

It teaches you how you were designed to use your time and energy in ways that help you feel more confident and positive each day. It helps support you in the best ways for you to make decisions, not how society tells you to. 

It guides you on best ways to brainstorm, live your day to day, and even how to handle difficult challenges.

Your reading will involve:

A 60 minute live recorded advanced reading of your chart on Zoom. We will explore your specific strengths (or superpowers!) that can be used to improve your business, relationships, and how you work on your own healing. We will dive into how to decondition the patterns that keep you stuck by using your Human Design strengths.


What clients are saying about their Human Design readings:

"If you are on your way to find your purpose and support along your path in self-understanding Katie will be of a great help! She works with a knowledge and presence that is unique and priceless. A session with Katie brings conscious awareness to things in life and empowers one to stand in their truth." -Louise

"It was fascinating how Katie could make sense of how I think, work, make decisions, and move through the world all from a rather complicated looking Human Design chart. Many things about my personality were confirmed and put in a context that made sense. I had many aha moments, insights, and most importantly, overall reassurance about why I am the way I am. I've honestly never had a reading like this before." -Anne

"Working with Katie was so insightful and transformative. Her knowledge and delivery is amazing, watching her video felt like a big momma bear hug that I didn't realize how much I needed. Very grateful!" -Erin

"I loved my HD reading session with Katie. Even though I had already read quite a bit on this topic and my characteristics, I have learned a lot in this session and feel that many of the ideas finally fell into place and connected. I definitely feel a much greater sense of understanding myself at a more soul level. I definitely recommend working with Katie." -Olga

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